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I let you see the parts of me
That weren’t all that pretty

Glee Cast (Season 3 Graduates)
Seasons of Love
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"Seasons of Love" Glee Cast (Season 3 Graduates Version): Lea Michele, Dianna Agron, Naya Rivera, Amber Riley, Mark Salling, Chris Colfer, and Cory Monteith.

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Anonymous asked you: a photoset of jesse being an author and sebastian supporting him?

#sebastian would not only give little presents (as seen with sweets and coffee) to jesse #but he’d distract him too #they’d go outside and watch a street basketball game #or just lay somewhere and sebastian would do anything so jesse could just /relax/ #(though his prefered method is sex because hell how should jesse not relax then) #but he can also sense when exactly jesse would want to be left alone and then he’d just go out somewhere #jesse generally gets panic attacks when he only has like a month left and he’s still missing the last chapter #though for sebastian it sounds ridiculous because one chapter in 30 days against 19 chapters in 6 months sounds like nothing #however jesse always finishes it the night exactly before his deadline ends and sebastian would be in bed (still awake) and wait for jesse #because he knows jesse would finish it that night #because jesse always finishes it the night before #and jesse would lie down next to him and sebastian would wrap his arm around jesses shoulders and just tell him that he is really proud and #and jesse would sigh and wonder how he even deserves sebastian #and hed kiss him and thank him and then theyd fall asleep sleep curled around each other #and later when the book actually gets published sebastian would call everyone #hed call his mum his sister #hed call the morons and trent and lith #hed even call his father #because he is so fucking proud and hed shout ‘HE DID IT!’ #and everyone would know and theyd be so proud too because they all know jesse and they all like jesse #and they know how happy he makes sebastian #(also they know hes a fucking good author thank you very much) #and sebastian would obviously be the first person (except the publishers) to read the books and as always his hand would stroke over the ‘fo #r sebastian’ or ‘for sss’ #and hed look at jesse and just smile and hed be so happy and then you wouldnt be able to adress him for some time #because hes reading jesses book and its so special and wonderful

Every mouth you’ve ever kissed was just practice. All the bodies you’ve ever undressed and ploughed into were preparing you for me. I don’t mind tasting them in the memory of your mouth. Was it a long journey? Did it take you long to find me? You’re here now, welcome home.
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glee meme: Characters [3/8] → Sebastian Smythe

Unless you wanna join your relatives in prison, that’s probably not the best idea. You see, my dad is sorta what you’d call a states attorney. But, if you had a piñata you wanted delivered, I could make sure that got to them.

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classic St Smythe eh

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lalalenii asked: single!Jesse and single!Sebastain meeting on Christmas

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