1. sararye:

    I hope glee does one last competition and are really scared because the opposing team’s lead singer is supposed to be the best in the entire country and slowly the curtain goes up and there he is


  2. endless list of favorite characters
    sebastian smythe | glee

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    santana lopez + tumblr text posts

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    ravenclaw-weetzie promptedcon or midnight release cosplaying canon/shipped characters and friends/strangers ask them to take a pic together cause they “go together”

    Klaine cosplayers with bonus Blam friendship

    When the doorbell rings Blaine leaps up dramatically from where he was crouched on the bed taking pictures of himself to put up on Instagram and Facebook and Tumblr. “I’ll get it!” he shouts, racing down the stairs with extra flair, his short red cape billowing around him, skin-tight suit just as aerodynamic as he’d hoped, lands at the front door, opens it and spins and-

    “Sam, what-” His cape droops, his silver headband slips down over his eyes. “You were supposed to be Hulkling!”

    Sam raises his fist, gripped around an oversized foam hammer, and bellows, “Mjolnir!”

    Blaine pinches at a sudden throbbing between his eyes. “You could have at least picked another Young Avenger, Sam! And now we don’t match. We look stupid.” He puts his hands on his hips, both of them in capes and spandex and Sam in a plastic armored breastplate and hat with wings glued on and spray-painted gold. “I’m Billy with no Teddy,” he says in exasperation. Ohio Comic Con is ruined.

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  5. poritzstiefel:
    for that meme thingy!!!!!!! i would be very interested in YOUR headcanons for st smythe pls


    (I’m assuming this is for the honesty hour thing)

    Well completely honest I’ve never given them much thought… 

    I usually stick to canon or things that would still be plausible with canon events slightly altred.

    In my mind Jesse would be bi. There’s no way you don’t know about Scandal in Lima. The bar itself is quite the scandal and in the lgbt* scene it’s known all the more so. 

    So obviously after trying to fit in and dating girls exclusively Jesse would go there one day.

    Sebastian still hangs out there. His father’s job title might sound impressive, but the reality is that it doesn’t leave the man with a lot of time to spare for his family. He gets along with the Warblers, but they’re no fun. He’s in touch with Blaine, he’d even go as far as to consider them friends, but lately all Blaine has on his mind is Kurt, and that blond guy with the huge mouth. It’s kind of depressing, honestly, and Sebastian has never been a guy for romance. 

    And Scandal is fun. He’s getting to know the people here. They’re entertaining. Blaine doesn’t come here anymore and neither does Dave, but on some nights, an inexperienced high schooler with a bad fake ID stumbes in, or, if Sebastian is especially lucky, a college student. 

    One day a guy with a remarkable head of hear and an even more remarkable ass comes in. It’s obvious it’s his first time here, his eyes go wide as he takes the place in, all the men scattered around: some are dancing, some are at the bar, the pool table is occupied as always, and a couple of middle aged men is making out by the wall. 

    Sebastian doesn’t know if the guy is actually gay, if he’s bi, just questioning or lost a bet and was forced in here as a joke by his friends. But he does remember another guy that came here too, looking scared. A guy that situation Sebastian shamelessly abused, a guy that Sebastian made fun of. A guy that had later tried to kill himself. Sebastian knows it’s not his fault really, but he still can’t help but feel awful. He’s going to take any chance to righten what he did.

    So he buys the guy a drink, and learns that his name is Jesse. He notices his piercing eyes that stand out lovely against his slightly tanned skin and sparkle in the dim light of the bar. He also notices that he is weirdly obsessed with the show choir he’s directing. It reminds Sebastian of Rachel, only on him it’s actually charming, that he cares so much. 

    He was actually hoping for a hook-up, but when the taxi he ordered arrives, he leaves his number instead. He asks Jesse to show up again, to relieve him of watching the same boring patrons weekend after weekend, and to save him from 40 year old guys that are trying to get into his pants. Sebastian is still not strictly against being “the other guy” but he does not want to be the guy married closet-cases find their outlet in. 

    He does kiss Jesse before he leaves, though. He presses his lips against the other boys’ and forces his tounge into his mouth to taste the beer Jesse was nursing all night. He pulls back enough to take in Jesses’ flushed cheeks and allows himself to throw him a cheeky grin, before rushing out the door. 

    He also allows the warm feeling that settles in his stomach as his phone goes off a few minutes later with a text from a new number.

    See you next week. 

  6. nico-di-angelcake:

    making up your own fictional universe

    creating an entire history for it

    creating characters who have complex back stories


    then never writing or doing anything with it at all ever